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April 23, 2013 2013 Mowing Specificatons

Town of Winfield
Specifications for Mowing Town Roads - 2013

1. Use the town’s mower (Case International Harvester 7’ disc mower purchased new in 2006, Model #MDX81). OR, use your own mower with a minimum 7’ cut. Please specify which mower you are using. If using own mower, please specify cut width.
2. Cost of tractor, fuel, and labor will be the contractor’s responsibility.
3. Proof of liability insurance must be presented to clerk before work begins.
4. Make one 7’ minimum cut along each side of the town road where possible.
5. At town board’s discretion, road sides will be mowed twice annually.
6. Town board will authorize mowing start dates.
7. Mowing is to be done within 2 weeks of authorization.
8. Grass should be cut to the height of 4” (or keep inside shoe guide just off ground) where practical.
9. Daily maintenance of mower to be contractor’s responsibility.
10. Arrange for mower repair as needed with prior authorization of town board. Work should be done at a repair shop approved by town board.
11. Bid will be the total amount requested to do all town roads listed below one time. The town board has the option to request roads be mowed a second time at the same price.
12. Payment will be made after a complete mowing is done to the town board’s approval.
13. Roads to be mowed include:

1. Bass Road
2. Biesek Road
3. Churchill Road
4. D&W Road
5. Dore Road
6. Ekes Drive
7. Farber Road
8. Fuller Road
9. Gavin Road
10. Giles Road
11. Glen Valley Drive
12. Green Road
13. Heidrich Road
14. Hirst Road
15. Hoff Road
16. Horkan Road
17. Katuin Road
18. Kelley Drive
19. Kosch Road
20. Longview Drive
21. Luedtke Road
22. Menchoff Road
23. Mittlesteadt Drive
24. North Dewey Avenue
25. Old Town Hall Road
26. Pine Rock Road
27. Seamans Road
28. Seep Road
29. Skinner Road
30. Theinhart Road
31. Wadleigh Road
32. Wegner Road
33. Wiese Road
34. Woefl Road

Any questions about these specifications may be directed to:
Chairman Ron Churchill at 495-0822
Supervisor Kurt Mead at 963-7073
Supervisor Jason Dorow at 415-7713

Sealed bids should be submitted to the town board before 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 21, 2013. Bids will be opened at the town board meeting after 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 21, 2013, at the Winfield Town Hall. The board reserves the right to accept or reject any bids.

Mailing address: Town of Winfield, E6274 Bass Road, Reedsburg, WI 53959


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April 23, 2013 2013 Mowing Specificatons

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