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Town of Winfield
Town Board Meeting
Winfield Town Hall, Reedsburg, Sauk County, Wisconsin
December 20, 2016
7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Present: Chairman Ron Churchill, Supervisor Jason Dorow, Supervisor Kurt Mead, Treasurer Robin Craker, Clerk Teresa Bass

Guests: Ian Holloway, Assessor; Don Bass; S. Doug Price; Elaine Smart; Mark Zobel, Ray Zobel & Sons; Rod Wilson; Suzanne Wilson; Tom Even; Kris Even; Brad Schyvinck; Edward Zobel, Ray Zobel & Sons; Steve Sorenson, Sauk County Conservation, Planning, & Zoning; Richard Blakeslee, Blakeslee Surveying; Jason Carr; Ken Franzen, Bug Tussel; Josh Furnald, Bug Tussel

Clerk verified that the meeting notice had been published in the Reedsburg Independent, and posted at the town hall and on the town’s web site.

Agenda approved. Mead/Dorow. PASSED.

Minutes from the November 2016 meeting approved. Mead/Dorow. PASSED.

Assessor’s Contract: Ian Holloway presented an assessor’s contract for 2017-2019 at a cost of $7,200 per year. The contract was approved with the addition of a penalty clause if Board of Review is not held within the 30 day period following the second Monday in May. Dorow/Mead. PASSED.

CSM Wendy Kraus on County Road WD: Richard Blakeslee presented a certified survey map for Wendy Kraus on County Road WD. The new CSM clarifies the boundary lines from an inaccurate CSM. The town’s plan commission recommended approval. The CSM was approved as presented. Mead/Dorow. PASSED.

Special Exception Permit – Ryan & Cletus Bass: Steve Sorenson presented a request for a special exception permit for Ryan and Cletus Bass to strip topsoil and stock pile the topsoil while widening an existing waterway over the next five years. A similar permit was granted in 2012. The town’s plan commission recommended approval. The permit was approved as presented. Dorow/Mead. PASSED.

Conditional Use Permit – Cloud 1/Bug Tussel off Ekes Drive: Ken Franzen and Josh Furnald presented a conditional use permit for the construction of a communication tower on property owned by Jason Carr off Ekes Drive. This would allow Bug Tussel to provide wireless voice and internet service. The tower would be available to other carriers for collocation. Property owners with an Ekes Drive address noted that the portion of the roadway where the residences are located is a private road with an easement to access their properties. The private road is a 16.5 foot easement, is .7 of a mile long, and has a 16 percent incline. Mr. Carr’s property is at the end of this private road.

Residents expressed concern about the private road not providing public access to the site. Residents maintain the private road at their expense based on a maintenance agreement. Residents noted erosion problems with the road and suggested increased traffic would increase their road maintenance issues and expense.

The plan commission and town board recommend that the residents and Bug Tussel clarify the legal easement issues and work out a mutual understanding between all parties involved, including road upkeep. This item will be discussed again in January. Mead/Dorow. PASSED.

Bills were presented and paid. Treasurer’s report was presented.

Teresa Bass


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