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March 15, 2016 Town Board Meeting

Rough draft until approved at next meeting.

Town of Winfield
Town Board Meeting
Winfield Town Hall, Reedsburg, Sauk County, Wisconsin
March 15, 2016
7:00 p.m. – 8:10 p.m.

Present: Chairman Ron Churchill, Supervisor Kurt Mead, Supervisor Jason Dorow, Treasurer Robin Craker (arrived 7:30 p.m.), Clerk Teresa Bass

Guests: Jerry Moll, Dan Fleming, Richard Fish, Jerry Dorow, Greg Fauerbach, T.J. Greenwood

Clerk verified that the meeting notice had been published in the Reedsburg Independent, and posted at the town hall and on the town’s web site.

Agenda approved. Mead/Dorow. PASSED.

Minutes of the February 2016 meeting were approved as written. Dorow/Mead. PASSED.

CSM Greenwood: Greg Fauerbach presented a CSM for T.J. and Becky Greenwood on Longview Drive. The town’s plan commission recommended approval. The CSM was approved as presented. Dorow/Mead. PASSED.

Driveway Permit - Saeed: The town’s plan commission requested more information on the driveway permit for Basel Saeed on Ekes Road.

ATV/UTV Route: The following roads will be added to the ATV/UTV route in the Town of Winfield: Bass Road, Chadwick Road, Giles Road, Golf Course Road (from County Road H to the southern town line) Meadowview Road, and North Dewey Avenue (from Giles Road to County Road H). The revised ordinance will be presented at the April meeting. Mead/Dorow. PASSED.

Painting: Chairman will obtain bids for painting the inside of the townhall and the townhall steps.

Plan Commission Membership: Chairman appointed Keith Churchill to serve a three year term on the town’s plan commission and Jason Dorow to serve a one year term as the town board representative.

Building Notification: A building notification was received from Jeremy and Haley Schyvinck (house).

Willow Creek Road: A letter was reviewed from Duren Law Offices on behalf of Wayne Osborn regarding Willow Creek Road. The town board confirmed that the Town of Winfield maintains its position that Willow Creek Road is not a town road and we have not received general transportation aids for it.

2015 Financial Statement: A rough draft of the 2015 financial statement was reviewed.

Bills were presented and paid.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s report was reviewed.

Teresa Bass


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