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October 18, 2016 Town Board Meeting

Rough draft until approved at next meeting.

Town of Winfield
Town Board Meeting
Winfield Town Hall, Reedsburg, Sauk County, Wisconsin
October 18, 2016
7:00 p.m. – 8:15 p.m.

Present: Chairman Ron Churchill, Supervisor Kurt Mead, Supervisor Jason Dorow, Treasurer Robin Craker, Clerk Teresa Bass

Guests: Shirley Craker, Steve Blakeslee, Don Bass

Clerk verified that the meeting notice was published in the Reedsburg Independent and posted at the town hall and on the town’s web site.

Agenda approved. Mead/Dorow. PASSED.

Minutes from the September 2016 town board meeting were approved as presented. Dorow/Mead. PASSED.

CSM: Shirley Craker: Shirley Craker presented a certified survey map to change the boundaries on Lot 2 of her land along County Road K. The town’s plan commission recommended approval. The CSM was approved as presented. Dorow/Churchill. PASSED. (Supervisor Mead abstained from voting.)

Conditional Use Permit: Steve Blakeslee: Steve Blakeslee presented a conditional use permit for stock piling dirt and having a contractor’s storage yard on Menchoff Road; the property has been used for this purpose for a few years and a conditional use permit will satisfy the county’s requirements. The town’s plan commission recommended approval. The conditional use permit was approved as presented. Mead/Dorow. PASSED.

2017 Budget: Preliminary 2017 budget items were reviewed.

Theinhart Road: A property owner along Theinhart Road inquired about changing the road name. The town board prefers the road names stay the same.

Building Notification: Building notification was received from: Tim Brandt (house).

UDC Inspections: A letter will be drafted to the state noting our concerns about the UDC inspector assigned to our town.

Bills were presented and paid.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s report was reviewed.

Teresa Bass


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